Raw Magazine at Central Michigan University


RAW Magazine, founded in 2016, is a student ran fashion magazine for the student body at Central Michigan University. Jordan Moorhead, Editor in Chief of RAW Magazine and Kaitlyn Lauer, Creative Director of RAW Magazine are the founders of the Magazine.


Upon arrival to Central Michigan Jordan said, “there is Grand Central Magazine and there is CM Life but there is nothing specifically for FMD [Fashion Merchandising and Design Majors]. I looked at all the other school such as Michigan State University and their fashion magazine and I started to wonder why we didn’t have one if we have one of the best fashion programs.” Shortly after Jordan decided to create a student ran fashion magazine.


RAW target audience includes students at Central Michigan, Fashion majors and people around the Mount Pleasant, Michigan community. They aim to show students that fashion can be found in remote areas and college towns such as Mount Pleasant. Recruitment of models, photographers, and editors for the magazine is primarily on a volunteer basis. The RAW team meetings are held once a week at Anspach Hall on Central Michigan University campus. All members of the team come together to discuss issues regarding the magazine, choose and edit photos for the upcoming issues, arrange photoshoots, and contact potential models. At each meeting, everyone is allowed to add their input in regards to the success of the magazine. Usually, meetings are facilitated by Jordan Moorhead, directing team members and ensuring the upcoming issue is published on time.


“Because we are just starting most of our pieces come from the models themselves or we provide them with clothes of our own, or of our friends… We hope to receive sponsorship in the future by right now we are working with the best of what we got.” Crystal Thompson, Social Media Director of RAW, said.


When scheduling photo shoots Kaitlyn Lauer, Creative Director, ensures that each piece that the model plans to wear for the photoshoot is similar to the theme of the shoot. For instance, the international student photo shoot theme was, “Modern Foreign Clothing at Traditional American College” In this shoot students of Asian descent were asked to wear something that reminded them of home but also represented their culture in some type of way.  “I ask each student to send me a photo of their clothes and shoes and we decide what will be used and what does not match the theme,” Lauer said.


Although RAW magazine does not currently have any sponsors they shop at local retailers to show subscribers of the magazine that modern fashion is around the Mount Pleasant area. TJ MAXX, RUE 21, TARGET, and JC PENNY are just a few places where clothing pieces and inspiration is found for the magazine’s shoots and themes. Below shows an interactive map showing these places listed and how to easily navigate to your one-stop shop for fashion, design clothing!



RAW uses tools such as Photoshop and InDesign to help create their magazine. In addition, once the magazine is published is it posted on Issuu, a digital publishing platform for magazines.

After successfully releasing its second issue, Raw Magazine is continuously growing by adding new team members, searching for more models and inspiring the CMU community.